Talk amongst yourselves

empty chairs I felt blessed beyond measure to see that the two salt-n-pepper Brits who I had grown so fond of on Wednesday had decided to leave a little bit later so that they could be with us for one more group session. Sometimes I wonder if people realize when they don’t show up for a something— a book club or a meeting or a dinner party— how much they are truly missed. Our discussion focused on the Compassion section of the Letter from Chile and it was rich and lively and challenging to be sure! But rather than summarize the thoughts of the group in Taize, I thought it would be nice to hear your thoughts. Consider these: an excerpt, a study prompt, and a quote from the footnotes.

“We are all familiar with that reflex of self-protection which consists in wanting to keep ourselves safe even at the expense of others. And it seems to be becoming more pronounced in our day, as feelings of insecurity grow. What can prevent us from giving in to fear. Is it not by reaching out to others, even to those who seem to be a threat?”
—Br. Alois, Letter from Chile

“Why does Jesus say: Whoever has seen me has seen the Father (John 14:9)? How does the life of Jesus change our understanding of God?”
—from Br. John’s study prompts

“Achieve inner peace and thousands around you will be saved.” — Seraphim of Sarov, a 19th-century Russian monk

Do they speak to you? And if so, how? Pull up a chair. I look forward to reading your thoughts.

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