Who are you?

This is a question I get asked more and more lately. Who are you? How did you get here? Why are people listening to you? One retreat director, who—based on multiple recommendations—was engaging me as the lead speaker at a week-long event for 2017, actually spelled out the confusion,” I mean, you’re not a pastor or a professor or a worship leader or a director of Christian Education.” In other words, how did you become a credible figure without any of the traditional credentials?

I get the confusion. In the Lutheran world where God called me to faith (and out of which He has not yet shown any inclination to move me), I am an anomaly.  Not of the German Lutheran culture. Not a lifelong Christian. And, perhaps most confounding, a woman who talks about theology and culture—both inside and outside of church walls.

When I was working on my MA thesis, I discovered a non-Lutheran, Luther scholar named Gordon Rupp, who said this about a pivotal season in Luther’s development: “you could almost hear him growing in the night, so plain is the growth in maturity, independence and coherence in a few months.”

This idea that a person’s public writing might reveal the fingerprints of God in her life stayed with me, until I came to see that the answer to the question “who are you?” might be hidden in plain sight, in the blogs, books, and talks I’d written over the past five years.

Soon I will be releasing an e-book that will endeavor to retrace the steps of the Living God in my life over a period of profound transformation. It is my hope that in sharing my story, others will be encouraged to pray, listen, and follow His Spirit with boldness and great joy.

Soli Deo Gloria

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4 Comments on “Who are you?

  1. Heather dear…this is EXACTLY one of the realities that ticks me off so much about our denomination. It is one of the reasons that I fully believe that the church has held people “in captivity” to ecclesiastical hierarchies and arrogance. You are SO gifted and in our setting unless you have certain “credentials” (and something that was NOT said but is something behind the scenes that cannot be spoken aloud, that you are of THAT other gender…i.e. not male) you are stifled from sharing and giving others the opportunity to reap the rewards of how God has wired you up! Anyway, I’ve said enough…I can’t wait to read you next ebook…that’s because I always anticipate learning and growing from someone that I admire, respect and know will challenge me and help me grow! So there…

    • You have always been such a wonderful support, Robin. I can never thank you enough. And although there is much truth in what you’ve written, it is also true that there are more and more people making a way for new voices and for that I am grateful. As had been true throughout history, if God wants someone to speak, they will be heard 🙂

  2. Heather, my friend, you know that I eagerly await your next book and am so grateful to be able to discuss your writings and growth and faith and struggles with you. God is with you. Rachel

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