Amazed that the story of how the Living God changed my life 22 years ago is now speaking in a new way to the mission-minded of the Lutheran church and beyond.

Love to talk about Loaded Words! This presentation was at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Indianapolis.

One of four worship service where I shared my story as told in and through Lutheran Schools for Lutheran School Week. Here I’m interviewed by Pastor John Sattler.

At a Missions Conference in Northern California, I was asked to speak about the Priesthood of All Believers, or rather, on “resurrecting” the royal priesthood so that all may be empowered to live out their calls at children of the Living God.

As part of my work as the Creative Director for LINC Los Angeles, I help to forge partnerships between The Great Company and a diverse range of artists of faith in the city. This concert and celebration—called Labor of Love—was created to address the harsh reality that Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America. Here, I kick off the evening….

After receiving my MA in Theology from Concordia University, Irvine, I started a company called icktank with my classmate and now, dear friend and partner, Leann Luchinger. Here we tell the story of how we were thrown together. You can also see some of the men at the church that I am now a member of: HOPE L.A.

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