LKG Lyrics

Life in the Key of God, copyright 2020, Heather Choate Davis & Sophia Sings Publishing. All rights reserved.


All the broken-hearted children
Grown up now and trying to hide
Shards and shames we never asked for
Ancient pain still deep inside

Enter here
The Wounded Savior
Enter here
Where we were lost
Enter here
Our one true Father
Take us home now
Whole enough

All our longings for a freedom
Our desires can never grant
Grips and grandeurs
Of our making
From dead-end paths
We cry “I can’t!”


All the ways you long to grace us
With a love too wide to bear
Tears and toils
From all man’s failures
Lose their sting
In Christ’s dear care.


2) Fear Not!

I want to know what angels knew
when they said fear not!
I want to see what they saw when they claimed it.
I want to feel in my heart
the sure quaking of His power in my life and cry out fear not!
Fear not!
Fear not!
Fear not!
Fear not!

I want to stand on that ground where
His people cry fear not!
I want to hear what they heard when they tell me.
That the God who brings life
where there is no life at all has a Call for my life. Fear not!
Fear not! (4 x)

Now I want to tell of His grace
to the faces lined with fear
I want to live passing on what He gave me
His only son on a hill
being killed for one and all, the word alive inside the call, fear not!
Fear not! (4 times)

(Lyrics for tracks 3-10 to be released with the album on 10/22/2020.

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