“Art is the accomplice of love.”

—Remy de Gourmont

COMING 1/27 (the first single)
FULL EP on 2/3/23, including two co-writes of mine: Come to Bethany and Even This. Can’t wait to share! Until then, here’s a teaser.

What a joy to speak at the WALi Summit in Phoenix on The Creative Vocation: Stewarding the Mysteries of God. This talk connects the dots from my teenage years as a creative in advertising to my conversion in my early 30s and all the remarkable creative fruit that came of it, all the way up to this present moment where, as a 61-year old songwriter & theologian, I can pour back into the next generation of those who will carry the eternal flame thru the Arts.

In 2022, I created an artist identity as a songwriter to house new music. Search for Sophia Streams anywhere you listen. Or click the image to go to Spotify.

2023… Come To Bethany

Written with Hayden Lukas and Stephan Nosrat in just three hours, this song brings peace and an invitation. We recorded it in Houston in November for an EP— “Without Hesitation”—created by the CWL Songwriter’s Initiative. Stay tuned for dates, links and new vids in Jan/Feb 2023.

The Faith & Film Festival, too!

This event was created by Rev. Jacob Wampfler and Heather Choate Davis as an offering for Concordia Seminary’s Adult Education program. The first Faith & Film Festival was held in January 2020 with people traveling from 16 states to hunker down in the snow, watch great films and learn from one another about what we see in them. Covid forced us online in 2021—an even bigger, more energized group—and knocked us out completely in 2022 (thanks, Omicron!) but we are BACK and so ready to gather in person again, January 26-28, 2023. Join me, won’t you!

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New Music

St. Cecilia by Guido Reni. St. Cecilia is known the world over as the patron saint of music. She was not a vocalist or an instrumentalist, but her gift for hearing the pulse of God alive in sacred music led the Church to view her as having a musical vocation.
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