“Art is the accomplice of love.”

—Remy de Gourmont

Have you heard my latest co-write called Come to Bethany? Do you have questions? Awesome: read this for more about the town called Bethany and what it means.

The Creative Vocation: Stewarding the Mysteries of God. This talk connects the dots from my teenage years as a creative in advertising to my conversion in my early 30s and all the remarkable creative fruit that came of it, all the way up to this present moment where, as a 61-year old songwriter & theologian, I can pour back into the next generation of those who will carry the eternal flame thru the Arts.

Coming this Spring, with luminous vocals by Nikki Peters and the loveliest production by Andy Weiss. Written by Heather Choate Davis (aka Sophia Streams) & Nikki Peters.

What Are You Good For, God?

This is the only song I’ve released with my own voice. There may be more in the future. Until then, enjoy this prophetic word.

Even This

Adam Lamb slaying the vocals on a song we wrote together with Ben Lange and Benji Cowart at the first Songwriter Initiative Retreat May, 2022.

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New Music

St. Cecilia by Guido Reni. St. Cecilia is known the world over as the patron saint of music. She was not a vocalist or an instrumentalist, but her gift for hearing the pulse of God alive in sacred music led the Church to view her as having a musical vocation.
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