Concordia Seminary St. Louis invited me to speak at their Theological Symposium. Their annual theme was Beauty.  I was blessed to be able to weave together many of the seminal stories of my faith life as a creative, and make beauty real in the midst an academic gathering.

As the Guest Speaker for Mother’s Day at St. Paul’s Decatur, IL, I had the rare opportunity to speak about women in a new talk called “Defining Mom.” Thank you to Pastor Eric Trickey for so graciously opening the door.

Being interviewed by Pastor John Dehne of St. Andrew Cape Girardeau, MO about my “cute, little book” happy are those, and about what the Psalms have meant to me in my life.

Baptism by Fire, my 1998 conversion memoir, takes on new life as lifelong Lutherans seek to hear the voice of the outsider.

How do we help bring the church back to life? We resurrect the Priesthood of All Believers!

Here, as a Guest Speaker, I get to connect the dots from “broken communities” to my thesis work on Sin aka “man turned in on himself.”

Sharing my story as told in and through Lutheran Schools for Lutheran School Week in Indianapolis. Thanks to Pastor John Sattler for making it happen!

As part of my work for LINC Los Angeles, I help forge partnerships between a diverse range of artists and ministries in the city. Here, I kick off Labor of Love, a concert created to address the harsh reality that Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America.

After receiving my MA in Theology from Concordia University, Irvine, I started a company called icktank with classmate, Leann Luchinger. You can also see some of the members of HOPE L.A. my church from 2014-2022.

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