In the spring of 2018, I noticed on the wall of a liquor store near my home a curious little mural: BE HUMBLE. It was the perfect message but why was it there? Did the liquor store choose it? Did the artist? And who was that artist? Soon I was led to discover Ruben Rojas and his mission of countering negative billboards and urban blight with messages of love. I pitched the idea of commissioning him to bring our wall to life at HOPE LA, and the HOPE fam was all in! We decided on the message LOVE RISES to capture the Gospel in all its power and simplicity. In August, he and his small crew arrived with buckets of technicolor paint, working round the clock to make it a reality. Ruben graciously recommended our story to a husband and wife documentary team, MM Studios, who are in the process of making a short documentary about the replant of HOPE LA, working alongside Ruben’s talented videographer, Tyler Church Haggstrom. Want to see the mural in person? Just take Crenshaw Blvd to Jefferson Blvd, turn right and head west! You can’t miss it.

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