My dear neighbor of 25 years, Rachel Pollack, was the Mary of my new musical calling,
believing in what she heard in me and giving so generously of her time and talents to bring my early songs to life.
Spending my birthday & Mother’s Day sharing the gifts God has given me with the people He sent me to in Decatur, IL.
Leading the closing liturgy at Camp Arcadia where I was a Guest Lecturer for the week: praying, speaking, teaching, sharing, gathering, encouraging, opening hearts and minds. What a joy to use all my gifts in one place.
Live interview with Dr. Jeff Mallinson for the Virtue in the Wasteland podcast at 1517’s Here We Still Stand Conference, San Diego, CA. I’m Describing “how much” Augustine actually contributed to the theological understanding of “man turned in on himself.”
Speaking on my thesis work at Concordia University, Wisconsin, an event put together by the local circuit pastors group working in partnership with the university.
Speaking to students at CUAA about what it means to be happy; next we emptied the bleachers and took to the floor to learn how to shut out all the noise so we can hear God’s voice.
Concordia NY celebrates its new President, Rev. Dr. John Nunes, with a series of panel discussions entitled “How, then, should we live together?” I spoke to the issue of Gender in the Church and the World.
Talking with middle school students throughout Indianapolis about prayer, silence, and listening to the voice of the One who made you, bringing themes from my book “happy are those” to life. This shot was taken at St. John’s Lutheran, Indy, where they are raising up a curious crop of passionate young writers.
My presentation “Resurrecting the Priesthood of All Believers” is now attended by more pastors than lay people. Here, the smaller of two sessions at Best Practices Phoenix 2018.
A drone’s eye view of the new mural, created by Ruben Rojas, for my little church, HOPE LA.


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