It’s great to chat with hosts who ask thoughtful questions, and give you plenty of time to play with ideas. Here are some guest interviews I’ve done recently…

The Craft: What a wonderful time of discovery as host Blake Flattley led me to recount how all the different writing pieces of my life have led me now to write Life in the Key of God.


Protect Your Noggin: So much fun to chat with dear friends Jeff & Stacie Mallinson about my new album Life in the Key of God, with some special attention given to the song Sophia


The God Whisperers: Round two with these fine gents, this time talking about one of my great passions, The Priesthood of All Believers

The Scarlet Cord: The first of a five-part interview with Todd Niebling of The Well.

Communion Arts: A nice, long chat about rest, creativity, and spiritual practices with Worship Arts leader Blake Flattley.

The God Whisperers: William Cwirla and Craig Donofrio dive into my book Elijah & the SAT and the crushing culture of raising our kids “to look good on paper.”

Engaging Truth: An interview with David Schultz about Man Turned in on Himself and how this image can help us better understand and message sin in the 21st century.

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