“Heather’s prophetic spirit blesses us all!”

Rev. Dr. John A. Nunes
President Emeritus, Concordia College New York

“When I saw Heather give her talk on The Arts as a Window to the Divine at our Theological Symposium, I realized that here was a woman who’d been living her entire faith life in color while the rest of us had been stuck in black & white.”

Dr. Charles Arand
Professor of Systematic Theology, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

“The first time I met Heather—and heard the things she was saying—I knew God wanted me to get her in front of as many people as possible.”

Rev. Eric Trickey (RIP)
Senior Pastor, St. Paul’s, Decatur, IL

“When Heather speaks, people listen! She is relevant, inspiring, winsome, hopeful and so very relatable. Her breadth of knowledge and insight enable her to connect with every gathering of listeners: young and old, new Christians and clergy steeped in theology.”

Rev. John Sattler, Senior Pastor,
Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Indianapolis, IN

“Heather Choate Davis traces the history of the concept of Man Turned in on Himself and shows how it explains so much of the unhappiness people are experiencing in the 21st century…promiscuity, consumerism, obesity, narcissism, apathy, and greed, just to name a few…her book is a must read for pastors!”

Rev. Dr. Dale Meyer
President Emeritus, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

“Outstanding! I am so grateful for Heather’s honesty, vulnerability, and passion. She is a true blessing to the church!”

Rev. Dr. Robert Newton,
CNH District President (emeritus)

“Heather is a whirlwind of theological insight, powerful writing, and an intentional…and intense…desire to communicate the beauty of Jesus Christ and His love for humanity to those who may find themselves as Christian “outsiders”. I have had the pleasure of listening to Heather speak, have debated some of her writings with other pastors, and have shared a glass or two of good bourbon with her. She is a gift to the Church and her writings should be reflected upon deeply by any who desire to connect with those beyond our Sunday pews.”

Rev. John Dehne, Senior Pastor
St. Andrew Cape Girardeau,MO

“The moment Heather started speaking it was like the air conditioning went on in a humid room.”

Rev. Brian Davies
Lord of Glory, Grayslake, IL

“Heather Choate Davis is a Christian, a mom, a writer and a prophet in the lineage of Old Testament visionaries.”

Don Gillingham, Executive Director
Rockford Lutheran, Rockford, IL

“Heather was not only a gift to us but also a powerful prophetic word and presence. Her keynote exceeded expectations, not only supplying direction and thoughtful first application, but also personalizing a message making it even more palatable”

Rev. Michael Lange, CNH District President

“Heather excels at combining deep theological issues with her personal narrative. She was able to connect with our guests through story and challenging and thought-provoking statements. It has been years since I have heard a presenter so eloquently and directly tackle the issue of sin. Heather’s willingness to engage the guests outside the lecture hall also was key to her impact on our guests’ experience. She listens very well and took time to dialogue with individuals throughout the entire retreat.”

Chip May, Executive Director
Camp Arcadia

“Ever since Heather came to us last year, our congregation has been dying to get her back! Many of our members went to four of her talks throughout the Milwaukee area—each one focused on a different book and teaching. They never heard her say the same thing twice!”

Rev. Jeffrey Dorth, Senior Pastor
St. John’s West Bend, WI
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