What now?

My dear friend Barbara called me tonight from Santa Fe. She was staying at her mom’s house, looking out at a desert sky full of lightning. She wanted to tell me that she’d found a copy of my… Read More

A Dixie cup of your finest merlot, please

With no discussion or plan, each of us — me, Alistair, Michael, Rasmus, and Hele— ended up down at the Oyak in the late afternoon where, for pennies a serving, you could enjoy a three ounce paper cup… Read More

Pinball Wizard

By Friday night there were easily 2000 people at prayers. Surprisingly, I noticed a spot near the front and settled in, laying my songbook, scripture sheet, journal and reading glasses in a little patch of rug in front… Read More

Alistair the Barrister, redeemed

….It was hard to imagine getting our little ragtag group back to a comfortable level of dialogue, let alone a fluid, exultant exchange, but that one simple question, asked after an instant of prayer, transformed everything. How does… Read More

In the beginning, part 3

No one can say for sure why so many people— young people, especially— began flocking to the little church in Taize to pray with Roger and the Brothers, but come they did, Catholics and Protestants alike. Within two… Read More