Aren’t you tired?


This painting (The Passion) by Patty Wickman was the very first image of the very first Renaissance Service (TM) I ever did. Imagine entering a candlelit sanctuary at night with this projected up big on a photographer’s seamless on the altar…as if to say “Come unto me, all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”(Matthew 11:28)

I share it in honor of my last day of a very demanding semester. And for all who still hunger for that deeper rest.



4 Comments on “Aren’t you tired?

  1. Hi Heather, Blessings for your last day. I earned my Doctor of Education degree from Northern Illinois University in 1987. Your posts recall how exhausting and demanding comprehensive exams etc. were. I still recall a lot of what I learned.

    Your book arrived yesterday. Looks great.

    Love the painting and Bible verse. I know I need plenty of rest–body, soul, and spirit.

    • Thanks so much, Ellen. I hope you enjoy “The Pitcher’s Mom.” If you end up wanting something w/ a little less baseball in it, maybe one day you’ll read my memoir “Baptism by Fire.” I think it would really speak to you:)

      • Dear Heather, I am reading your memoir this week. So well-written, and I admire your honesty, love, and courage. Although I am not a mother (was a teacher and caregiver), your book does indeed really speak to me. Blessings to you and yours, Ellen

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