Jesus, the name of God (yikes!)

To celebrate the three year anniversary of my pilgrimage to Taize, I’m going to be reblogging some of the best of in the series.

heather choate davis

I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but in L.A. it’s much safer to drop the F-bomb than the J-word in mixed company. If you’re in the South— Mississippi, Alabama, Texas— droppin’ Jesus’s name is no more controversial than ordering a Coca-Cola, but in the major coastal cities of the U.S., it simply isn’t done: say the name Jesus at a bar-b-que in West L.A. and be ready to be talked about later, and not kindly, with the emphasis being on your intelligence and lack thereof. Why? You could say Mohammed or Buddha or Wicca Master all day long and no one would bat an eye. What is it about the name of Jesus that is so shocking, so unnerving, so divisive?

On Friday morning, Br. John continued his talk on the name of God, speaking now, specifically, of Jesus Christ. He began to identify Him by his…

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