2018 Schedule

New dates are being added regularly so check back here, or follow me on FB at Heather Choate Davis, or on Twitter @faithinwords for updates. Many churches, schools, and conferences are now partnering with others in their area to sponsor a “mini speaking tour.” I’m always happy to work with them, tailoring my talks to the specific needs of each group and community. This year I will be limiting my speaking engagements as I work on a new memoir and begin a 2-year program in Christian Formation and Spiritual Direction. If you’d like to arrange for me to speak, please email me at heather@icktank.com and we’ll try to make it happen!

“When Heather speaks, people listen! She is relevant, inspiring, winsome, hopeful and so very relatable. Her breadth of knowledge and insight enable her to connect with every gathering of listeners: young and old, new Christians and clergy steeped in theology.”
Rev. John Sattler, Senior Pastor,
Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Indianapolis, IN

FEBRUARY 22-24, Best Practice for Ministry, Phoenix, AZ

Resurrecting the Priesthood of All Believers; and SOLA!What are we fighting for? (w/ Leann Luchinger)

MARCH 26-APRIL 7, Pilgrimage to the Isle of Iona

MAY 10, Concordia Seminary St. Louis

Man Turned in on Himself: Understanding Sin in the 21st Century

MAY 12-13, St. Paul’s Lutheran, Decatur, IL

Special Mother’s Day Weekend Event

MAY 18-20, St. Andrew, Cape Girardeau, MO

A variety of events rooted in the Psalms and, specifically, in the wisdom of happy are those.

OCTOBER 4-6, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church. St. Charles, IL

OCTOBER 8-10, Northern Illinois Regional Pastors’ Gathering

Keynote Speaker

OCTOBER 15-16, Oklahoma District Pastors Conference

Two days of icktank teaching (with Leann Luchinger).

“Outstanding! I am so grateful for Heather’s honesty, vulnerability, and passion. She is a true blessing to the church!”
Rev. Dr. Robert Newton,
CNH President, LCMS

“Heather was not only a gift to us but also a powerful prophetic word and presence. Her keynote exceeded expectations, not only supplying direction and thoughtful first application, but also personalizing a message making it even more palatable”
Rev. Michael Lange, Mission Advancement

“Heather excels at combining deep theological issues with her personal narrative. She was able to connect with our guests through story and challenging and thought-provoking statements. At Arcadia we are used to hard-hitting presenters and Heather delivered. It has been years since I have heard a presenter so eloquently and directly tackle the issue of sin. Heather’s willingness to engage the guests outside the lecture hall also was key to her impact on our guests’ experience. She listens very well and took time to dialogue with individuals throughout the entire retreat.”
Chip May, Executive Director
Camp Arcadia

“Ever since Heather came to us last year, our congregation has been dying to get her back! Many of our members went to four of her talks throughout the Milwaukee area—each one focused on a different book and teaching. They never heard her say the same thing twice! We’re so excited to have her with us for our Reformation Celebration!”
Rev. Jeffrey Dorth, Senior Pastor
St. John’s West Bend, WI

“As our school intensifies movement to a more personalized academic program we continually seek out thought leaders who bring valuable perspectives and experiences to the conversation on education. I was able to spend a few minutes in the presence of one such thought leader this past week at a lecture at St. Peter’s church in Arlington Heights. Heather Choate Davis is a Christian, a Mom, a writer and a prophet in the lineage of Old Testament visionaries. In fact in one of her works entitled “Elijah & the SAT,” we learn from stories of ice skating, baseball, cupcakes and the hairy old desert prophet. There are many nuggets of value in Davis’s words for those who seek to find the balance between high stakes testing and spread your wings “liberal arts education”. The book draws attention to the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter, where we are allowed to fantasize how easy life would be if there was a Sorting Hat that places us in a house that guides us along a designated path toward our best educational outcome. But there is no magical career counselor. Perhaps our singular purpose as Christians is to find that place where God would have us.”
Don Gillingham, Executive Director
Rockford Lutheran, Rockford, IL

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