Sophia Streams

Sophia Streams is the music streaming name for new songs written by Heather Choate Davis.

Heather was in her late 50s when she first started hearing songs. Understanding them to be seeds of a new calling, she threw herself into studying music so that she could bring them to life. She released her first single, Enter Here, in March of 2020, six months after her first piano lesson. It was performed by her dear friend and neighbor, Rachel Pollack, and registered under a “new name”—Sophia Sings Publishing.

In November of that same year, Heather released the album, Life in the Key of God created entirely under quarantine and featuring the gifts of many talented friends: vocalists, musicians, arrangers, producers, and choir directors. 

In 2021, each new song was released with a music or lyric video. Heather called this growing tent:  Sophia Sings ProductionsSongs and Stories about Something Bigger

For 2022, she has taken on the name Sophia Streams so that, moving forward, her work—which is typically performed by other artists—can have a common home on streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc.

May you find in these songs an entry point to the Grand Narrative.  

“Does not wisdom call, and does not understanding raise her voice?” Proverbs 8

To collaborate, message me at If you feel led to support these musical offerings, you’ll be repaid in tears of gratitude and life-giving music for a weary world.

Header Image: “Head of a Woman” by Odilon Redon; Photo of Heather Choate Davis by Erica Allen Michie.

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