If Someone Put a Gun to My Head

I live on the Westside of L.A., a part of the city that is known for entertainment, technology, health food, alternative medicine, progressive education, and tolerance of every sort of spirituality except “judgmental Christianity.” If you happen to… Read More

Another voice of Elijah

“We, the culture of the self-made man, tend not to talk about vulnerability, as if it’s something that can be outsmarted. It can’t. Since the dawn of man, each and every one of us has been only one… Read More

Peeing in the rain

By the time we left the sanctuary it was pouring rain. We ducked and ran up along the path that led past El Abiodh, which was both the infirmary and the entrance to the guest house where my… Read More

Behute mich, Gott, ich vertraue dir….

No sooner had the Icon workshop ended than we found ourselves queuing up outside the giant white circus tent that would be our home for the next week. I saw a woman carrying a crate of trays up… Read More