A Glimpse of Heaven at Trader Joe’s

It was just supposed to be a quick grab and go. Fridays can be tricky at Trader Joe’s, so I was prepared for an aisle or two of three-lane traffic. What I was not prepared for was the gaggle of senior citizens mingling in every entry aisle and passageway as if they’d rented out theContinue reading “A Glimpse of Heaven at Trader Joe’s”

On kids and death

When my son Graham was two and a half, my aunt was the director of an exclusive preschool program run by an Episcopal church in Beverly Hills. She let us join their weekly toddler group where all of the mothers were a decade or two older than me. Most had older kids, as well—5- andContinue reading “On kids and death”

Real and present danger

A few summers ago, when my son Graham was interning at a local newspaper, he began subscribing to the police scanner newsfeeds to track developing stories. I thought it was kind of creepy. From time to time he’d send me updates about shootings near our house; nothing stops the rhythm of the day like theContinue reading “Real and present danger”