Au Revoir, Taize

We packed quickly as the crowds pressed in. Hauling the bags back to the Welcome Center, up the dusty paths, through the masses, was even harder than when we arrived. My aunt— who had not only kept pace… Read More

Pentecost meet Woodstock

“When the day of Pentecost came, all the believers were gathered together in on place. Suddenly there was a noise from the sky which sounded like a strong wind blowing, and it filled the whole house where they… Read More

A Dixie cup of your finest merlot, please

With no discussion or plan, each of us — me, Alistair, Michael, Rasmus, and Hele— ended up down at the Oyak in the late afternoon where, for pennies a serving, you could enjoy a three ounce paper cup… Read More

I don’t want to be the leader

Our small group was scheduled to meet one last time, in the afternoon, but I wanted that time off. Time alone. A little peace and quiet if I could find it. After breakfast I tried to survey the… Read More

The light shines in the darkness

By Saturday morning we had to dodge vans and throngs on the way to the Church for morning prayers. I entered through the far back side, grateful to even find a spot in the main sanctuary. Those arriving… Read More