We are not alone. Really.

Before supper on Friday, my aunt and I had begun to suspect that others were now being housed in our far-from-the-madding-crowd barrack. There was a voice, then two. A sandal appeared out on the walkway. By the time… Read More


Are you a hugger? I am. A hugger and a joyful weeper and a frequent user of terms of endearment. But when it comes to worship, my personal style is much more reserved. I don’t raise my hands… Read More

Pinball Wizard

By Friday night there were easily 2000 people at prayers. Surprisingly, I noticed a spot near the front and settled in, laying my songbook, scripture sheet, journal and reading glasses in a little patch of rug in front… Read More

Valuables redux

To really appreciate this story you have to have read the post “Money Changes Everything.” Go ahead: I’ll wait. Ok, so, where were we. Ah, so it’s Friday evening just after the workshop and the dinner and I… Read More

How do we hear His call?

By the weekend the 5:45 workshop options had multiplied. I chose “God at work in us: how do we hear His call?” and found myself in a large room filled almost entirely with twenty-somethings. Was the question of… Read More