The Glorious Vocation of Vin Scully

So many memories, so many tributes, but his life’s work says it all. Vin was born to do and be the voice of the Dodgers—a voice that at all times delighted in children and families,  captured moments in… Read More

Who are you?

This is a question I get asked more and more lately. Who are you? How did you get here? Why are people listening to you? One retreat director, who—based on multiple recommendations—was engaging me as the lead speaker… Read More

The Road

“There is no road, the road is made by walking.” Antonio Machado

Tell the story

This month I was honored to have my story told by Concordia University. The story of how I came to faith, came to be a writer, met my icktank parter, Leann Luchinger, and the lessons we learned in… Read More

Fame that brings Joy

I’ve heard it said that in New York City it’s all about money and in L.A. it’s all about fame. I think that’s probably true. Still, the hunger for fame is more ravenous than any one city or… Read More