Who are We Kidding?

Just came back from a wonderful lunch at a great old Venice haunt where artists and locals of all stripes have gathered for the past 30 years. This little verse was displayed by every booth and, really, what’s not to love about it? It has all our favorite words: passion, dream, kindness, inspire, truth, love,Continue reading “Who are We Kidding?”

I Will Change Your Name

The story of my trip to Immanuel Lutheran Church in Whitestone, New York this past week actually began almost four years ago on my trip to Taize. One of the ways they raise funds in Taize is through the sale of ceramics and art; they accept no donations from anyone, as it is their beliefContinue reading “I Will Change Your Name”

The Gift is not Grace Kelly

Every time I teach, I learn. So it was this weekend when I was in the middle of a talk on Loaded Words. I was telling the story of a dear friend who had come to faith about the same time as me. She had fallen in love with our church community and served itContinue reading “The Gift is not Grace Kelly”

Enter Here

Twenty years ago I fell though a crack in my spirit and into a world that is strange and wonderful and ceaselessly upending. And ever since then, I’ve been trying to help other people like me find an entrance. That personal mission has led me to write 5 books and several hundred blog posts; toContinue reading “Enter Here”

Man Turned In On Himself

Nothing clears a room faster than the word sin. Sin. Sin. Sin. Sin. Sin. That’s all you Christians talk about and we’re sick of it. We don’t need it. We don’t want it. And we don’t believe in it anyway. So says the culture in 21st-century America. But denying sin’s existence doesn’t make it goContinue reading “Man Turned In On Himself”