Silence my soul, these trees are prayers. I ask the tree, “Tell me about God”; then it blossomed. —Rabindranath Tagore  

Beyond The Limits of Knowing

Another glorious jolt in my inbox this morning from Richard Rohr’s new series on The Wisdom Tradition. This passage in particular spoke to me. “Alongside all our knowing, accompanying every bit of our knowing, must be the humble… Read More


I have so many friends raising girls right now that I thought I would share with them this small, perfect poem—a guidepost if ever there was one—by the gifted poet, Mark Jarman. A Prayer for our Daughters May… Read More

Picture Yourself on a Grid

A google maps view of your life in relation to neighbors, if you will. Some you know. Most you don’t. Most you wouldn’t even recognize if they came to your door and said “I live a block a… Read More

O Lord Hear My Prayer

Whatever you’re longing for, suffering from, losing patience to hope for. Wherever your felt hurt lies or your helplessness lives. Whether you even know or believe of speak to God. No matter. May this be a song that… Read More