Contrition is no fun

Reading today from A History of Sin: Its evolution to Today and Beyond by John Portmann, who has this to say about sin fatigue: “Worshipping God takes time, just as repenting for sin does. Time gets increasingly scarce… Read More


I’ve been reading The Confessions by St. Augustine for class. I first read his work when I was putting together The Renaissance Service, the arts-based vespers that looked to the arts as a window to the divine. I… Read More

Icon Workshop 5:45!

Do you know anything about icons? Not the little technology-based dingbats you click on to, say, share a blog, but the kind that people of faith use for devotional purposes. They are used most often in the Greek… Read More

The music called to me

The first time I ever heard a chant from Taize I was not even remotely a Christian. I was a young mother of a four-year old, and an 8-month old who had recently been diagnosed with a brain… Read More