Everyday Saints

I met my first pastor, Kenneth Frese, 17 years ago. He’s taught me many invaluable things along the way, just as my new pastor, Chris Spelbring, young man and old soul that he is, has and will continue to. But one of the things that sticks with me is how Pastor Ken once defined for us the meaning of the word saint. “A saint is someone who, just by knowing them, makes it easier to believe in God.” I have met quite a few everyday saints over the years. I bet you have to. (If you haven’t, you may want to consider expanding your circle). Tonight, many of these everyday saints will gather at churches all over the world to worship together and mark the celebration of the birth of God made flesh— of God with us, Emmanuel. The Christ child. The Prince of Peace. You might want to consider joining them, these everyday saints, who with their lives and their daily efforts to love and serve make God a little more real for us all. I can promise you this: if Christmas feels as if it’s become just a little bit too much lately, an hour in a church on Christmas Eve will help bring it back to its humble beginnings for you.

Think about it.

Yesterday I got my annual Christmas card and letter from Pastor Ken. As always, there was a poem. As always, it was inspired. And so on the Eve of Christmas, I leave you with this short verse by Christine Rodgers:


The world
is still

one long
jagged scar

And yet
this blessing.
This amazing

blessing in
the shape of

a baby comes
to us each
year. Comes

quietly, in the
midst of winter
when all seems

barren and dead-
bringing the
promise of

our deepest life.

Merry Christmas to all,
With love and His Pax

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