How to join the #jesusinqueens celebration

1) If you haven’t had a chance to look at the website, start there (if you can view it on a full screen, even better). This will give you a sense of the many faces and voices of #jesusinqueens and the size of the “tent” under which we can all come together to celebrate “the royal priesthood.”

2) Take a few minutes to browse through the Gallery. If you find a particular Queen Poster you like and want to share it with folks, message me here or on Facebook and I’ll post it to your wall. I’m keeping the Queens “locked up” for a while because I want folks to see the big picture—all of us together, all nations, all voices, all styles, races, denominations, gifts, ages, and eras. Today’s “royal priesthood” cheered on by “such a great cloud of witnesses” (Hebrews 12:1) #jesusinqueens is the same “yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8).

3) Whenever you gather with your favorite “queens,” snap a pic and post it to your favorite social media sites with the hashtag #jesusinqueens after the caption. This is already starting to happen on Twitter. Thanks to John Sattler for getting the party started!

Thanks to John Sattler for showing his love and support for #jesusinqueens.

Thanks to John Sattler for showing his love and support for #jesusinqueens.

4) If you like what #jesusinqueens is all about, please click on one of the social media buttons on the site and share it with friends.

5) Lastly, I must confess that I came of age with a rotary phone and orchestrating a lot of these details is really challenging. So for all my young Queens who are much more fluent that I am with Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest, I welcome all your help and support. I have sites set up in all those places. Will you follow me there and help bring them to life?

Heather #jesusinqueens

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