Agnes Sanford, #jesusinqueens

Agnes Sanford was born in China, the daughter of a Presbyterian missionary. As an adult she made her home in New Jersey as the wife of an Episcopalian rector. She is known worldwide for her approach to healing… Read More

Understanding #jesusinqueens

We live in a time where we want everything fast and easy—yeh, good, I got—next. Not just our media and our food but our ideas and the possibilities of ideas. Our soundbite culture makes it hard to step… Read More

How to join the #jesusinqueens celebration

1) If you haven’t had a chance to look at the website, start there (if you can view it on a full screen, even better). This will give you a sense of the many faces and voices of… Read More

Presenting #jesusinqueens

For the past six months I’ve had something of a passion project on my heart. Over the past eight days it’s become a reality (you can read the whole story in the About section of the site). I… Read More