For over a decade I’ve been signing a good deal of my personal correspondence with the word Pax, which is Latin for peace. I had seen it embossed in gold on thick, creme note cards when I was… Read More

Thank you, John Patrick Shanley

I find inspiration in many unlikely places. This morning on Facebook there was a quote by the playwright John Patrick Shanley. It was posted by an actress who is deeply committed to teaching theater in New York. I… Read More

Which one are you?

We are not so distant from the Christmas story, you and I. Today I offer up this work as an icon, a meditation on love, peace, and the power of God newly born in our lives. May it… Read More

Entrance Requirements

This time of year so many long to find a way to enter the Christmas story but cannot. This poem by Mary Oliver, from her book Dream Work, may open a door. I hope so…. Wild Geese You… Read More

O Simplicitas

Today, as we near the end of the third week in Advent, we pair the art of Donald Grant, in his 1992 work, “Vessel,” with the poetry of Madeleine L’Engle. May it help us remember that, although the… Read More