Not armor, just socks

Today’s advent devotion is from the book Season of Promises by Mitch Finley: The Advent season is a season of homely things—”homely” in the dictionary’s first meaning of the word, “characteristic of the home or of home life.” Advent is a season of homely things because during this season we prepare for the coming ofContinue reading “Not armor, just socks”

Art & Faith

As this advent series nears its destination, I leave you with this remarkable excerpt by Madeleine L’Engle (from Winter Song) alongside Robert Graham’s extraordinary bronze sculpture of the Virgin Mary from the grand entrance to Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in downtown Los Angeles. Whether you are an artist, a person of faith, orContinue reading “Art & Faith”

Merry December!

Today marks the first day of Hanukkah, and tomorrow the first day of Winter, and then, on Saturday, there is Christmas Eve and in the morning, Christmas Day, and right on its heels, Kwanzaa. For weeks now, we have been offering up our vague but heartfelt holiday wishes longing, in this final month of theContinue reading “Merry December!”