On This We Can Agree

“By far the best way I know to engage the religious sensibility, the sense of awe, is to look up on a clear night. I believe that it is very difficult to know who we are until we… Read More

What are you grounded in?

As you move through your day, your week, your life, it’s a question worth asking. Heidi Petersen “To go among the trees”

Not armor, just socks

Today’s advent devotion is from the book Season of Promises by Mitch Finley: The Advent season is a season of homely things—”homely” in the dictionary’s first meaning of the word, “characteristic of the home or of home life.”… Read More

Many rooms, many seasons

Just read a wonderful piece by Mike Cope about how we experience and express our faith in very different ways: enjoy! Do you ever feel out of place with fellow believers—perhaps like no one “gets” you? It may… Read More

Grace in the Parenting Storm

It was hard to ignore all the media swirling around the Time magazine cover on “attachment parenting” last week. The shot of the mother nursing a boy who appeared old enough to play t-ball was designed to stop… Read More