Oh, for the faith of Don Mattingly

It occurred to me as I was reading the sports section this morning, that following a baseball team over the course of a season is really a narrative of injuries, lapses, and defeats— and overcoming them. The pitching… Read More

Cup Shopping

Jill was unnerved to discover that it was nothing like shopping for bras. There was no designated department. There were no helpful size charts or swooping sales women who had the exact same one at home in three… Read More

Sacred Tears

If you’ve never met me then you probably don’t know that I am the sort of person who tears up on a dime. Hallmark commercials, old hymns, the surreptitious squeeze of memory catching me off guard. People likely… Read More

Blogging wide

Dear friends, I was given a wonderful opportunity to share my own baseball story to promote “The Pitcher’s Mom.” If you like it, please push like at the bottom of the article on the HuffPo page and repost… Read More

Opening Day!

Well, the day has finally come! The book is now available for sale. To buy a copy, just click on The Pitcher’s Mom on the menu above: it’ll take you straight to the Amazon page. I hope you… Read More