Get happy for FREE!

In celebration of the launch of my new book happy are those: ancient wisdom for modern life Amazon is giving away free copies to the first 20 people who respond to this giveaway! I hope you get a free copy, (and hope if you miss the cut you’ll consider splurging on one anyway).  This littleContinue reading “Get happy for FREE!”


My new book happy are those is now LIVE for Kindle (or any e-reader)! It’s short (you can read it in an hour or so), it’s small (the paperback—which will be out by the end of the month—lays flat in your hand), and it’s filled with wisdom that’s been around long before you or I,Continue reading “Hurray!”

So Teresa of Avila & Martin Luther walk into a bar….

Two years ago this month, I spent a glorious five days at my favorite Benedictine monastery learning more about a 16th-century Carmelite nun who reformed much of the monastic community of her day by training the women—and then many of the men—in prayer. Not the verbal kind of prayer but the practice of meditation, contemplation,Continue reading “So Teresa of Avila & Martin Luther walk into a bar….”

Elijah & the SAT, excerpt 2

I’m not what you’d call a Harry Potter fanatic. It’s not a religious issue for me— I read the first book and loved it; I just didn’t feel a need to keep going. My husband Lon, on the other hand, was one of those who couldn’t get enough, pre-ordering each new release. Graham stopped afterContinue reading “Elijah & the SAT, excerpt 2”