I Have a Few Things to Say

If one of these topics is speaking to you, I’d love to bring it to life at your next special event or conference. Reach out asap. I have a feeling it’s going to be a busy year.

The lies we tell our kids

It’s not intentional, really. We want to believe it’s true when we say that they can be and do anything they want when they grow up. We want to believe that there’s some relationship between that idea and… Read More

Another voice of Elijah

Even if you’ve never read a word of the Bible, you probably could name at least one biblical example of provision lasting much longer or stretching much further than it should have. Think about it. Go ahead, I’ll… Read More

Elijah & the SAT, excerpt 1

The story never changes. As it was in 885 BCE so it is today. So it was in 1873, when a bright, eager 16-year old Massachusetts girl set out to conquer the demands of her junior year. Her… Read More