One of the voices of Elijah

The epigram for Elijah & the SAT is from a song lyric by Kate Campbell: We need an older angel If we’re going to make it through One who’s been around this block we’re on A time or… Read More

Elijah is speaking…to readers just like you

Elijah & the SAT

Elijah is here!

Elijah & the SAT

Elijah & the SAT, excerpt 3 (one last big sample)

Elijah the Tishbite never had any kids. He was a child of God, a prophet from the town of Tishbe in the region of Gilead in the early part of the 8th century, BCE. He’s referred to in… Read More

Elijah & the SAT, excerpt 1

The story never changes. As it was in 885 BCE so it is today. So it was in 1873, when a bright, eager 16-year old Massachusetts girl set out to conquer the demands of her junior year. Her… Read More