The Prayer of Thomas Merton…

…as sung by my dear friend Kate Campbell. This song has led me through more murky seasons than I can count. Now, as I find myself sorting through all her old CDs while reading The Seven Storey Mountain,… Read More

Lay Back the Darkness

Sometimes the only way to heal the blues is to sing them. Thank you, Kate Campbell, for healing so many hearts along the way….

When Hope’s Too Hard

The light of Taize

Everyone I know is pushed to their limit right now. When we’re tired and heavy laden we tend to lose perspective. And joy. And hope. Sometimes just to hear another living soul sing you right through that pain… Read More

One of the voices of Elijah

The epigram for Elijah & the SAT is from a song lyric by Kate Campbell: We need an older angel If we’re going to make it through One who’s been around this block we’re on A time or… Read More

What now?

My dear friend Barbara called me tonight from Santa Fe. She was staying at her mom’s house, looking out at a desert sky full of lightning. She wanted to tell me that she’d found a copy of my… Read More