Kathy, I’m Lost

The year was 1972. I was living in a house on top of a hill in Mandeville Canyon, L.A., playing the albums of my coming of age in a perpetual loop. There were other people who lived in the house but my memories are of being alone a lot while my mom was out onContinue reading “Kathy, I’m Lost”

A fourth visit to The Seven Storey Mountain

Early on in his memoir, when Thomas Merton was still an agnostic—at best—he was ill enough to consider death. He was still in his teens, a reluctant student in a parochial school. And here is how his thoughts unfolded: “If I have to die—what of it. What do I care? Let me die, then, andContinue reading “A fourth visit to The Seven Storey Mountain”

The Prayer of Thomas Merton…

…as sung by my dear friend Kate Campbell. This song has led me through more murky seasons than I can count. Now, as I find myself sorting through all her old CDs while reading The Seven Storey Mountain, it seems that the divine choreographer is about to bring a new season into being. If you’veContinue reading “The Prayer of Thomas Merton…”

A visit to the The Seven Storey Mountain

I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to actually get to reading Thomas Merton’s autobiography. It became a best-seller upon its release in 1948 and has remained in constant publication since then, translated into 40 languages. Merton’s life began in France among artists, was lived out in a Trappist monastery in Kentucky,Continue reading “A visit to the The Seven Storey Mountain”

What now?

My dear friend Barbara called me tonight from Santa Fe. She was staying at her mom’s house, looking out at a desert sky full of lightning. She wanted to tell me that she’d found a copy of my first book “Baptism by Fire” in the guest room and she’d just finished rereading it. The firstContinue reading “What now?”