The Golden Rule the World Over, 4

The Mahabharata was likely crafted as far back as 800 BC. This epic Sanskrit poem is considered to be one of the great works of world civilization and contains the wisdom we continue to find in every recorded… Read More

The Golden Rule the World Over, 2

Epictetus, a Greek sage and Stoic philosopher, was born a slave circa 55 AD in what would be present-day Turkey. He spoke of the Golden Rule in terms of earthly enslavement: “What you do not want to suffer,… Read More

The Untouchables

“The Untouchables” by Cuban Artist, Erik Ravelo This series features photographs of children crucified for the sins of their oppressors; each for a different reason and a clear message, seeks to reaffirm the right of children to be… Read More

Where to begin?

For many people the events of Holy Week are mysterious in a wholly confusing way. What in the world does a man dying on a cross 2000 years ago have to do with us? they ask. This image… Read More

You are not the boss of me