Contrition is no fun

Reading today from A History of Sin: Its evolution to Today and Beyond by John Portmann, who has this to say about sin fatigue: “Worshipping God takes time, just as repenting for sin does. Time gets increasingly scarce… Read More

Timeless truths

As I begin the foundation portion of my thesis work on homo incurvatus in se (a 5th-century phrase coined by Augustine that describes sin as “man turned in on himself” and which I believe allows for a powerful… Read More

This new season

Today I will write the final pages of my Historical Theology exam. We had two days to answer the question of the role philosophy has played in the formation, defense, and dissemination of the Christian faith over the… Read More

Lessons from the Garden

Every once in a great while I come across something so simple and brilliant and true I wish I’d written it myself. I didn’t, but I can do the next best thing, which is to share it with… Read More

Homo Incurvatus in Se

I’m sitting on the couch with the TV on and my laptop open. I check my Facebook page, my school email, my home email, my blog dashboard. None of this is important. I check again. In the other… Read More