Why Do You Think America is the Most Anxious Country in the World?

I explore the possibilities this month on Theology for Everyday Life.

A third (brief) visit to The Seven Storey Mountain

“The truth is that my inspiration to do something for the good of mankind had been pretty feeble and abstract from the start. I was still interested in doing good for only one person in the world– myself.”… Read More

Man Turned in on Himself, Excerpt 12

We have said that the primary curbs that support and enforce marriage have historically been sexual consequences and social mores. It is not hard to imagine that as individuals became more inclined to reject sexual purity for themselves,… Read More

Man Turned in on Himself, excerpt 6

Promiscuity, consumerism, obesity, narcissism, apathy, greed—these are just a few of the obvious displays of homo incurvatus in se in 21st-century America. These behaviors—or the consequences of them—are visible and often public. Even apathy is on display by… Read More

Man Turned in on Himself, excerpt 3

In the early pages of the thesis I am laying the historical, theological framework for Homo Incurvatus in Se. The bulk of the work then connects that image to current suffering in American culture and suggests how “united… Read More