Why Do You Think America is the Most Anxious Country in the World?

I explore the possibilities this month on Theology for Everyday Life.

Man Turned in on Himself, Excerpt 15

Vocation Vocation, from the Latin vocatio, can mean several things: “the proclamation of the gospel, through which human beings are called to be children of God,” the call to the divine office of teaching and preaching, and the… Read More

Man Turned in on Himself, Excerpt 13

Responsibility Despite our determination to separate pleasure from duty, it remains an inescapable fact of our anatomy: sex leads to babies and the responsibilities of child rearing. Just as sin has led us to make an end run… Read More

Man Turned in on Himself, excerpt 10

In Garret Hardin’s 1968 essay, “The Tragedy of the Commons,” he asserts that shared resources needed to sustain the life and livelihoods of a group have always been undermined—even to the point of elimination—by individuals acting in their… Read More

Man Turned in on Himself, excerpt 7

Anxiety The DSM-IV criteria for anxiety disorder includes “at least six months of excessive worry,” “tension, fatigue, trouble concentrating, sleeplessness,” and “clinically significant distress functioning in daily life.” Merriam Webster includes in the definition for anxiety, “doubt concerning… Read More