We Have A Lot of Unloading to Do

Last month I was talking to an 80-year old gentleman I know quite well. He’s bright, cultured, active, and very combative about aging and the whole notion of death. He is also no fan of “the religious.” And… Read More

Honesty Needed

I need your help! I’m doing some research in preparation for a presentation on Loaded Words next month. I would like the answers to these 10 basic questions to reflect a wide range of opinions and beliefs—so if… Read More


It’s the hardest thing in the world to do. Listen. Just that. Just quiet our own mind and hurts and distractions and points of view and listen. Metaxu. This work of art—which bears that title—was done by an… Read More

A third (brief) visit to The Seven Storey Mountain

“The truth is that my inspiration to do something for the good of mankind had been pretty feeble and abstract from the start. I was still interested in doing good for only one person in the world– myself.”… Read More

Random thoughts from the Olympia Day Spa

My friend Barb and I recently decided we were going to make semi-regular trips to a local women’s day spa in Koreatown part of our commitment to lifelong health and well-being. We’ve been twice. In the narrow alcove… Read More