We Have A Lot of Unloading to Do

Last month I was talking to an 80-year old gentleman I know quite well. He’s bright, cultured, active, and very combative about aging and the whole notion of death. He is also no fan of “the religious.” And… Read More

Honesty Needed

I need your help! I’m doing some research in preparation for a presentation on Loaded Words next month. I would like the answers to these 10 basic questions to reflect a wide range of opinions and beliefs—so if… Read More

A faithful response

“Orthodoxy moves, because times change. It is not a matter of always saying the same thing in the same way, but of responding faithfully to our changing setting as our ancestors did to theirs.” Brian McLaren

Words Matter

“We live in an era that is reliant on words, but our words are no longer reliable.” So it says in the opening chapter of Loaded Words, setting the foundation for the book itself. How can we know what… Read More